Saturday, 27 November 2010

Right or wrong?

Bonjourno Peeps work has been mental the last few days so i haven't been able to blog... knackered is not the word. Any how as before i mentioned some of the subjects my story covers a major part of those is looking at what people believe is right and wrong. good and evil and the shadowy "grey areas" in-between. Who tells us whats right or wrong what guides our moral compass. What would happen if you had bad angels and good deamons...what if to save a life you had to do something your principles didn't agree with? what if one of those choices would effect you or someone you love directly? I hope to broach all of these questions and pose a few new conundrums in the story. If you guys have any hypothetical moral scenarios feel free to throw them my way (yes I am still holding out hope that people are reading this!) and i can see what makes other question moral stances.

on a separate note I think EVERYONE should watch this show: its fookin HILARIOUS.

also to read a GOOD blog check out wiffles at

Stay safe...if you cant be safe then be smart and carry a taser..

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Let me sum up...

Ok to help anyone who is reading this (prob just you wiffle!) Here is a brief synopsis of my story and how Joe relates to it..

There is a theory that for every decision in your life there is an alternate dimension where you took the choice you never did in your life. So a place where I chose not to write this blog or America didn't elect get the picture. Joe exists in one or all of these dimensions...(depending how you want to look at it) now two dimensions override all others..the ethereal planes of heaven and hell. Beings in these two dimensions have fought across all the others causing god to create something to police them. this is what Joe comes in contact with...sorry if it all sounds a bit cryptic or half assed but i dont paticurly want to post the whole story incase some one nicks it and tweeks it for themselves! if anyone wants to know a bit more feel free to contact me.

To sum up its a story about heaven and hell views of right and wrong, friendships , symbiotes, the paranormal and a girl

it always was a story about a girl

Most stories are

My first blog

So I decided to run a blog...well thats a bit of a lie im actually going to be doing two blogs...
this one..and one written in character. the character in question is from a story i ve been working on for the last couple of years that i don't know what to do with. Sam suggested I start a blog about it  seems how well wiffle is doing with his i thought i would do this one and one as Joe that can be found at...

I will try to update both blogs as much as possible albeit this one will be a tad boring please feel free to leave comments/advice or even story ideas on here or there.

Thanks for reading...