Friday, 10 December 2010

Places to go...

Hey guys

Last post I covered a lil on what some of the characters are like, today's post is as it says about the places...

Club e-den: Is Joe's work place and a fictional bar/nightclub in sunny Birmingham. Owned by Murry it caters to the alternative culture in brum offering theme nights and a few...unexpected guests. Meeting place of Joe,Dan and Helena when they aren't all working. It has an in house DJ set on Friday and Saturday night and has a special drinks shelf for some of the regulars in the VIP section out back.

Terra: Is what you would probably call hell daemons live here its mostly a vast wasteland desert but a few city's are spotted around some of the natural oasis's. Its leader is the Immortal Lucifer the fallen angel of legend other wise known as Satan. He likes reality Tv, Simon Cowell and long walks past the rivers of sulphur.

Haven: Is exactly what it says its heaven home of the angels and occasionally the big man himself. Its a lot like the cloud city of bespin but with less storm troopers...

Limbo: one of the dimensions filled with nothing and endless amount of grey and is kept "clean" by the caretaker.

The station: Is a crossing point that links the three "main" dimensional planes of Earth,Terra and Haven.

Mal's Books and antique store: A dusty shop in brum that sells old relics and books. the store owner is a tad unusual.Joe gets old comics from him.

That's It for today just wanted to list a few places hope everyone is good.


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